Newton's laws and equilibrium

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4A: Apples would not fall without a force to propel them downward. These three laws described by the famous Englishman centuries ago still inform our understanding of the physical world today. When you push a patient’s bed down the halls of the hospital, you are providing a force in a direction. If we know the magnitude of the force we provide as well as the mass of the patient and the hospital bed, we can calculate the acceleration of the patient and his bed using Newton’s Second law (F=ma).

Newton's laws and equilibrium questions

Questions pertaining to Newton's laws and equilibrium

More on Newton's first law of motion

VIDEO 9:32 minutes
Newton's First Law (Galileo's Law of Inertia).

Newton's first law of motion concepts

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A little quiz on some of the ideas in Newton's first law

Newton's second law of motion

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Newton's Second Law of Motion: F=ma

Unbalanced forces and motion

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Thinking about what is true about how unbalanced forces relate to motion and acceleration

Newton's third law of motion

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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Center of mass

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In this video, Sal gives a conceptual understanding of what center of mass means.

Introduction to torque

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An introduction to torque