Force of tension

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4A: Let’s picture an adventurous rock-climber hanging at the edge of a cliff. Gravity is providing a downward force. The only reason he does not fall down to the valley below is due to the force of tension upward, provided by the muscles of his arm. You will work through some interesting real-world problems involving tensile forces in these tutorials.

Force of tension questions

Force of tension questions

Introduction to tension

VIDEO 10:19 minutes
An introduction to tension. Solving for the tension(s) in a set of wires when a weight is hanging from them.

Introduction to tension (part 2)

VIDEO 10:19 minutes
A slightly more difficult tension problem.

Tension in an accelerating system and pie in the face

VIDEO 9:28 minutes
The second part to the complicated problem. We figure out the tension in the wire connecting the two masses. Then we figure our how much we need to accelerate a pie for it to safely reach a man's face.