Fluids at rest

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4B: Fluids can be fun even when they’re not moving. A still pond has more going on with it than meets the eye - why exactly do you even float when you decide to jump in on a scalding summer day? It’s because you displace a volume of water that provides a buoyant force upward, counteracting the downward pull of gravity. You will find out why the great Archimedes ran through the streets of Syracuse shouting "eureka" millennia ago in Ancient Greece as we also delve into the concepts of pressure, specific gravity, buoyancy, and Bernoulli's principle.

Fluids (part 1)

VIDEO 9:46 minutes
What a fluid is. Difference between liquids and gasses (both fluids).

Fluids (part 2)

VIDEO 10:12 minutes
Pressure and Pascal's Principal.

Fluids (part 3)

VIDEO 9:54 minutes
Pressure in a fluid at depth

Fluids (part 4)

VIDEO 10:09 minutes
Using our understanding of fluid pressure to figure out the height of a column of mercury.

Fluids (part 5)

VIDEO 8:41 minutes
Introduction to Archimedes' principle and buoyant force.

Fluids (part 6)

VIDEO 9:41 minutes
A couple of problems involving Archimedes' principle and buoyant forces.

Specific gravity

VIDEO 3:10 minutes