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4A: Let’s imagine blood flowing through the aorta, one of the great vessels in our body. At peak velocity, blood may flow at 92 cm/sec (during contraction) or perhaps 60 cm/sec during relaxation. Going from 60 cm/sec to 92 cm/sec in 1 second is a lot different from going from 60 cm/sec to 92 cm/sec in 10 seconds. That difference is acceleration, that is, how quickly the car changes its velocity over time. (When you hear automobile enthusiasts compare the “0 to 60” capabilities of the latest sportscar, they are referring to the acceleration).

Acceleration questions

Acceleration questions


VIDEO 9:06 minutes
Calculating the acceleration of a Porsche

Airbus A380 take-off time

VIDEO 5:16 minutes
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Airbus A380 take-off distance

VIDEO 5:29 minutes
How long of a runway does an A380 need?

Why distance is area under velocity-time line

VIDEO 9:26 minutes
Understanding why distance is area under velocity-time line

Average velocity for constant acceleration

VIDEO 14:10 minutes
Calculating average velocity when acceleration is constant