Integumentary system

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3B: There is really more than meets the eye with skin. Yes, it does make us look nicer than a bag of bones, muscles, and organs. But it also serves other important purposes which range from guarding the body against infection to sensation to allowing for metabolism of vitamin D. We will explore the structure and function of skin from the macroscopic to the microscopic level in this tutorial.

Integumentary system questions

Integumentary system questions

LeBron Asks: Why does sweating cool you down?

VIDEO 5:41 minutes
LeBron asks Sal why sweating helps cool the body down.

Pain and temperature

VIDEO 6:00 minutes
Explore our senses of pain & temperature. By Ron.

Thermoregulation by muscles

VIDEO 8:23 minutes
Why do we shiver when it's cold? How do our muscles make sure we don't freeze or have a heat stroke? Learn how the skin, brain, blood vessels, and muscles work together to maintain our core body temperature. By Raja Narayan.