covalent bonds

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5B: Eating popcorn alone at a movie theater can be quite lonely - but sharing with someone special can feel...well, special! Sharing is caring is caring with atoms too! In a covalent bond, two atoms share electron pairs in their orbitals. We will discuss the mechanism of this bonding as well as the idea of electron orbital hybridization in this tutorial.

Covalent bonds questions

Questions pertaining to covalent bonds

Electronegativity and bonding

VIDEO 11:39 minutes
Electronegativity differences in bonding

Intermolecular forces

VIDEO 8:36 minutes
Identifying the intermolecular forces present between molecules

Dipole moment

VIDEO 9:22 minutes

Sp3 hybridization

VIDEO 10:43 minutes

Sp2 hybridization

VIDEO 12:42 minutes

Sp hybridization

VIDEO 11:00 minutes

Acid-base definitions

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