Mendelian genetics

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1C: Why do some people have blue eyes and others brown? What determines your blood type? You will be able to answer questions like these as you have some fun with Punnett squares and discover the mechanisms of inheritance (and what all this has to do with a 19th-century German monk).

Mendelian genetics questions

Mendelian genetics questions

An Introduction to Mendelian Genetics

VIDEO 5:10 minutes
An introduction to Mendelian Genetics and inheritance. By Ross Firestone. An introduction to Mendelian Genetics and inheritance.

Co-dominance and Incomplete Dominance

VIDEO 3:29 minutes
Come learn about Co-dominance and incomplete dominance and how they differ from complete dominance. By Ross Firestone.

Punnett square fun

VIDEO 25:16 minutes
Dihybrid crosses. Independent assortment. Incomplete dominance. Codominance and multiple alleles.

Hardy-Weinberg equation

VIDEO 8:14 minutes
This equation relates allele frequencies to genotype frequencies for populations in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

Applying the Hardy-Weinberg equation

VIDEO 5:30 minutes
Using the Hardy-Weinberg equation to calculate allele and genotype frequencies.