Evolution and population dynamics

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1C: Charles Darwin inaugurated the field of evolutionary biology 150 years ago with the publication of “On the Origin of Species.” You will learn about the driving forces of evolution beyond natural selection and the relationship between populations and their environments. The story of Darwin’s finches will make a lot more sense.

Evolution and population dynamics questions

Evolution and population dynamics questions

Evolution and natural selection

VIDEO 5:01 minutes
Learn the fundamental principles about how natural selection can drive the process of evolution. By Ross Firestone.

Fitness and fecundity

VIDEO 4:27 minutes
Learn about the concept of fecundity and how it contributes to an organism's overall biological fitness. By Ross Firestone.

Alternative selection

VIDEO 4:34 minutes
Learn about driving forces of evolution other than natural selection. Group selection and artificial selection are just a few of these forms of "Alternative Selection." By Ross Firestone.

Bottlenecks and the environment

VIDEO 5:19 minutes
Learn about how changes in the environment can change the way natural selection behaves. What happens when a population's environment changes drastically? By Ross Firestone.


VIDEO 4:43 minutes
Learn about inbreeding and how it can hurt a population's genetic diversity. By Ross Firestone.

Reproductive isolation

VIDEO 4:59 minutes
What makes two organisms members of different species? Learn about the forces behind reproductive isolation. By Ross Firestone.