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1B: DNA makes RNA, and RNA makes protein - in a nutshell, this is the central dogma of molecular biology. Let’s delve into that simple notion here so we can come to a better understand of the flow of genetic information.

DNA questions

DNA questions

Nucleic acid structure 1

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Nucleic acid structure 2

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Telomeres and single copy DNA vs repetitive DNA

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How DNA is replicated 1

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How DNA is replicated 2

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Transcription 1

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Transcription 2

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The genetic code

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How do nucleotides in RNA get translated into amino acids in a protein? The key is the genetic code, which shows the corresponding amino acid for each possible combination of three nucleotides (codon).

Protein translation 1

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Protein translation 2

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DNA repair 1

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DNA repair 2

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Protein modifications

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Jacob Monod lac operon

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