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Course: MCAT > Unit 2

Lesson 1: Foundation 1: Biomolecules

How to use this passage set

We provide options for how you can use this Foundation 1 passage set, to study for the MCAT most effectively!
As with all of our passage sets, we recommend that students go through Foundation 1 passages prior to studying the AAMC resources. This will be a great introduction to MCAT passage-based questions and will reinforce content-based topics. You can do this in one of three ways:
Option 1: Practice the Foundation 1 passages as you work through Unit 6 of the Khan Academy MCAT course, which covers “Biomolecules” and the Foundation 1 topics tested on the MCAT. Try out the practice passages after studying the corresponding lessons. For instance, try out the Amino acids passages right after studying the Amino acids and proteins lessons in Unit 6. Here are the corresponding passage topics in this unit and lessons in Unit 6:
If you’re using a book set or other study guide, you can similarly match practice passages with associated content.
Option 2: After you’ve completed ALL Unit 6 content-based lessons, go through this passage set in order. This will provide a valuable review of content and also prepare you for the AAMC practice materials. If you’re using a book set or other content resource, you can similarly go through this practice passage set, in order, after studying all Foundation 1 content elsewhere.
Option 3: If you’re limited on time, study only the passages covering your weak areas — for example, if you struggle with DNA technology questions or content, then find those passages. You can navigate directly to specific passages, as passages are organized by topic, as shown below.

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