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Reading Comprehension - Worked Examples

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Recognition 1 | Social science passage | Wool

Reading Comprehension - Worked Examples

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which one of the following is given in the passage as the cause of the decline in the price of clean strong wool so this question is a question that asks us to tell them exactly what is explicitly in the passage the right answer is going to be in here someplace very specific so let's scroll up and see if we can find it I think it was in the first paragraph the decline in the price of cleans from well that was part of the set up to understand that profitability was down and that the role industry in New Zealand is in trouble so let's go see if we can find the answer to that I'm going to first head towards the first paragraph okay there is strong role strong willed shows up here the price of clean strong role here so our answer is gonna be around here somewhere okay but for the past 20 years competition from synthetics has a negatively driven down the price of clean struggle so peers were looking for looking forward competition from synthetics let's go down and find it hey farmer searching the land to other uses no market competition from synthetic materials yes let's look at the others market competition from Australian rural growers that was mentioned but that wasn't specifically the cause of the decline in the price of saline strong wool see sounds good but it's not we just found D competition from cotton growers for available and now they're not competing with cotton growers for the same land E the deep division integral industry between large and small farms so that wouldn't have driven down the price of wool so that's not right either it's important to remember with questions like this that we should get an idea of the answer in our heads before we look at the choices at all because if you just start reading the choices a couple of them may wind up looking really good and then you wind up going back and trying to see whether each one of those choices could be right you're giving each of those choices the benefit of the doubt when they don't necessarily deserve the benefit of your out so you're going to save a lot of time by finding the answer to the question first and then looking at the choices and matching the answer choice to the idea that you've predicted as the answer and that's what we're doing here the answer here is B [Music]