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Reading Comprehension - Worked Examples

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Recognition 2 | Science passage | The Sun

Reading Comprehension - Worked Examples

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the passage provides enough information to answer which one of the following questions okay so this is another question in which we need to have a good memory to try to have an idea of what we just read so that the answers will kind of rule themselves out because we think to ourselves I didn't say anything about that where we see something that we remember we say oh yes of course I recall that they mentioned that so let's just see what we have here hey they paint it anytime believe that the Sun was mainly composed of iron it doesn't ring a bell I don't I don't think that we know whether she ever believed that doesn't really look good so let's move on B when pain first proposed her theory about the sun's composition did any other astronomers fully accept it well we hear that many astronomers most astronomers all of her colleagues didn't really give the time of day but did any I'm not sure we know any is pretty extreme so I'm going to avoid that question I'm going to avoid B for the time being before I started looking around and started exploring throughout the passage to try to find evidence to support these things most I could see in what year did pain first receive definitive recognition from our work for other scientists in what year um we heard about the 1920s I don't really remember seeing any specific years mentioned throughout the whole passage but I could be wrong about that we can check it out I'm going to keep on looking scanning the choices trying to find something that jumps out at me D was pain ever offered an academic appointment when the first paragraph we were introduced to pain it says something about how she's kind of an important person now but she wasn't back then we're going to have a look at that I kind of like indeed II did pain play a significant role in showing the mechanism by which nuclear fusion occurs the mechanism by which nuclear fusion occurs she didn't really understand how those things worked so I'm not liking II really at all but let's scroll up and see what we can find so we're looking for years and we're looking for any positions that Cecilia Payne was offered there are no specific years I'm seeing as I scan here but look here let's see as a graduate of 1900s 1920s no specific year that refers to one of those choices but as a graduate student at Harvard University in the 1920s Cecilia Payne later a professor of astronomy there in game there's our answer we have proof in a first paragraph that our answer is D we were looking for C we didn't find any specific years besides general 1920s and the any ruled out D and we don't know that she ever believed that the Sun was composed of iron that isn't really mentioned so we have our answer