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Reading Comprehension - Worked Examples

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Main point | Social science passage | Wool

Reading Comprehension - Worked Examples

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which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of the passage so wondering the main point of the passages should go back read the passage again if you read the passage accurately actively the first time you shouldn't need to go back and review the passage right now you should be able to say to yourself okay what was the point of the whole passage and hopefully remember that it was about New Zealand well industry and the author was making specific recommendations about how the New Zealand wool industry can return to profitability through a number of suggestions that the author made so let's let's see if we can find that here in the choices hey New Zealand wool growers should be encouraged to shift to other agricultural exports to maintaining the profitability now the author was not saying forget all about will it's time to move on a is not the answer B will growing in New Zealand parallels agricultural practices worldwide and that is becoming deeply divided between large professional operations and smaller family farms ok well that was in the passage but is it the main point of the entire passage no see New Zealand's wool industry has been adversely affected by the development and improvement of synthetics again that is in the past so I think it was in the first paragraph but is it the whole point no we're looking for a choice that encapsulate the entire passage which is here's a problem the author is recommending how to solve it C is not the answer superior farm management should be encouraged among New Zealand's bull growers to revitalize the country's wool industry now that's that's starting to get at it management practices was a big focus of the whole passage and other suggestions so I like the let's check out Yee and see whether it disqualifies itself e the wool industry New Zealand has put too much focus on increasing the efficiency of processing and has failed to address the issue of dwindling breeding stocks okay that isn't the message of the whole passage either d is really good for a couple reasons one is that it encapsulate is better than the others what the whole passage is about what the point of the passage is another clue here is the you know this should be part of this answer we're looking for a choice that was getting at the fact that the author was making a set of recommendations in order to revitalize the country school industry we have our answer here D