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In a world full of unbalanced forces (which you learn more about when you study Newton's laws), you will have acceleration (which is the rate in change of velocity). Whether you're thinking about how fast a Porsche can get to 60mph or how long it takes for a passenger plane to get to the necessary speed for flight, this tutorial will help.


VIDEO 9:06 minutes
Calculating the acceleration of a Porsche

Airbus A380 take-off time

VIDEO 8:08 minutes
Figuring how long it takes an a380 to take off given a constant acceleration

Airbus A380 take-off distance

VIDEO 5:29 minutes
How long of a runway does an A380 need?

Why distance is area under velocity-time line

VIDEO 9:26 minutes
Understanding why distance is area under velocity-time line

Acceleration vs. time graphs

VIDEO 14:38 minutes
David explains how to read an acceleration vs. time graph. He then shows how the area under the curve gives the change in velocity and does a few examples.