Circuits make computers, digital cameras, and video games possible. Circuits are driving an unprecedented rate of change in how we live. In this topic you'll learn about the physics behind the electronic devices we use.
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In these videos and articles you'll learn how Ohm's law relates the voltage across a resistor, the current through a resistor, and the resistance of the resistor. You'll also learn how resistors in series and parallel combine to form an equivalent resistance. The resistivity of materials, power used by a resistor, and how to use voltmeters and ammeters will also be discussed.

In these videos and articles you'll learn how capacitors store charge and energy. You'll also learn the relationships between capacitance, charge stored, energy stored, and voltage across a capacitor. Techniques for finding the equivalent capacitance for capacitors in series and parallel will be discussed. Lastly, you'll learn how a dielectric can change the amount of charge, voltage, and capacitance of a capacitor.