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What is the most attractive concept in undergraduate organic chemistry? Currently most are polarized on the topic, but the pull of electronegativity is hard to resist. Within this tutorial, we will learn about electronegativity and see how it applies to polarity, intermolecular forces, and physical properties.

Electronegativity and bonding

VIDEO 11:39 minutes
Electronegativity differences in bonding using Pauling scale. Using differences in electronegativity to classify bonds as covalent, polar covalent, or ionic.

Dipole moment

VIDEO 9:22 minutes
Predicting the molecular dipole moment based on the molecular geometry.

Intermolecular forces

VIDEO 8:36 minutes
Identifying the intermolecular forces present between molecules

Boiling points of organic compounds

VIDEO 11:07 minutes
How to analyze the different boiling points of organic compounds using intermolecular forces

Solubility of organic compounds

VIDEO 12:21 minutes
How to determine whether or not an organic compound dissolves in water