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Do conformations float your boat? If so, pull up a chair and learn about the different conformations of cyclohexane.

Chair and boat shapes for cyclohexane

VIDEO 12:29 minutes
Chair and Boat Shapes for Cyclohexane

Double Newman diagram for methylcyclohexane

VIDEO 14:38 minutes
Double Newman diagram for methylcyclohexane

Stability of cycloalkanes

VIDEO 8:09 minutes
How to analyze the stability of cyclopropane, cyclobutane, cyclopentane, and cyclohexane

Conformations of cyclohexane

VIDEO 9:20 minutes
How to analyze the chair and boat conformations of cyclohexane

Drawing chair conformations

VIDEO 11:27 minutes
How to draw both chair conformations of cyclohexane

Monosubstituted cyclohexane

VIDEO 8:28 minutes
How to draw and analyze the two chair conformations for a monosubstituted cyclohexane

Disubstituted cyclohexane

VIDEO 11:18 minutes
How to draw chair conformations for disubstituted cyclohexane

Polysubstituted cyclohexane

VIDEO 8:49 minutes
How to draw the chair conformations for menthol