Aromatic stability

7 videos
In this tutorial, Sal and Jay explain the concept of aromatic stabilization and show how to determine if a compound or an ion exhibits aromaticity. Knowledge of MO theory is assumed.

Aromatic stability I

VIDEO 5:58 minutes
The aromaticity of benzene.

Aromatic stability II

VIDEO 10:01 minutes
How the geometry of a molecule plays into aromaticity. Why cyclooctatetraene is not aromatic like benzene.

Aromatic stability III

VIDEO 9:38 minutes
Aromaticity of the cyclopropenyl cation and antiaromaticity of cyclobutadiene.

Aromatic stability IV

VIDEO 10:31 minutes
Aromaticity of the cyclopentadienyl anion and cycloheptatrienyl cation.

Aromatic stability V

VIDEO 9:27 minutes
Aromaticity of polycyclic compounds, such as naphthalene.

Aromatic heterocycles I

VIDEO 11:47 minutes
The aromaticity of heterocycles (rings containing one or more non-carbon atoms).

Aromatic heterocycles II

VIDEO 12:09 minutes
The aromaticity of pyrrole, imidazole, and thiophene.