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board exams are coming near you and you may be a little stressed about this but don't worry we at Khan Academy have got you covered we have identified your pain points for physics and build a unit specifically to help you prepare for class 10th CBS exams the unit contains videos which help you recall all the important topics of a chapter and articles which help you practice the previous year questions of the chapter the videos may be a little longer about 20 to 30 minutes but don't worry there is an index on the side that lets you jump to any specific topic if you want these videos have mindmaps distress on the most confusing topics and the best feature is that at many places it asks you to pause and try yourself first for example let me play this and see what it says so can you quickly pause and recall what are the names of these mirrors and lenses go ahead give it a try so at these places when I ask you to pause do pause the video do actually pause the video and try to think about what the answers are and once you have the answers only then play the video and see if you got them right why because neuroscience tells us it's when we force our brain to remember that's when it's memory becomes stronger if we just revise and what's the entire video without trying to remember ourselves first it won't be much of use and we'll forget it in exams and so for your maximum benefit in all these videos it's highly recommended that you pause at many places to first try and remember the answers yourself this is the best way to learn for your exams so that was about the videos now let's look at the articles each article contains previous ten year questions arranged topic wise for example if I were to click on say this human eye then you will see that the first two previous ear questions not written down over here comes from the human eye topic then if this question comes from the power of accommodation topic and so on and so forth the Stars tell you how frequently the stop appeared in the previous exams so if you see a five star it means it appeared very frequently on the other hand if you see it'll say a one star or a two star it means it didn't occur that frequently and so of course all questions are important and you must practice all of them if you have time but if you are pressed for time if you say have only few hours before the exam then definitely start with the ones which have four or five stars now again the best way to use these articles is to first try and answer this yourself first so for example once you read a question see if you can answer it yourself and once you do that then you can click on the solution to check your answer now if you felt that you didn't get it right or maybe you feel you need more practice on this particular topic itself then you can click on similar problems you can practice very similar problems over here the solutions to these are not provided so you have to try and answer them yourself but if you feel stuck if you feel that no you need more practice over here don't worry you can go to related exercises once you click on that it will take you to the exercises that will help you practice that particular concept so you can go over here and practice it if you feel no even that's not enough then don't worry you can go to videos you can click on these videos and then you can learn the relevant concepts and then go back and attempt at these problems this way you will get all the practice that you need for every single topic for your exams so now that you know how to best use these videos and articles what are you waiting for just go to WWE can York then you can go to courses and pick physics class tend go to that first unit CBSE class 10 board exam preparation that will land you to this particular page and you can start practicing right away all the best for your exams