9 videos
Explore the structure of human memory; processes involved in normal encoding, retrieval, forgetting, and aging; and diseases affecting memory.

Information processing model: Sensory, working, and long term memory

VIDEO 7:34 minutes
Learn about the information processing model of human memory.

Encoding strategies

VIDEO 8:39 minutes
Learn about rote rehearsal, chunking, mnemonic devices, self-referencing, and spacing.

Retrieval cues

VIDEO 4:38 minutes
Learn about how priming, environmental context, and internal state affect memory.

Retrieval: Free recall, cued recall, and recognition

VIDEO 4:25 minutes
Learn about three types of retrieval: free recall, cued recall, and recognition.

Memory reconstruction, source monitoring, and emotional memories

VIDEO 4:47 minutes
Learn about memory reconstruction, source monitoring, and flashbulb memories.

Long term potentiation and synaptic plasticity

VIDEO 2:37 minutes
Learn about synaptic plasticity and long-term potentiation, the physiological mechanism behind learning.

Decay and interference

VIDEO 4:33 minutes
Learn about decay and interference in human memory.

Aging and cognitive abilities

VIDEO 3:09 minutes
Learn about how cognitive abilities change as we age.

Alzheimer's disease and Korsakoff's syndrome

VIDEO 3:50 minutes
Learn about how Alzheimer's Disease and Korsakoff's Syndrome affect memory.