6 videos
Explore cognitive development and intelligence, as well as how our minds solve problems, make decisions, and represent knowledge.

Piaget's stages of cognitive development

VIDEO 5:52 minutes
​Learn about the stages and developmental milestones in Piaget's theory of cognitive development.

Problem solving

VIDEO 5:51 minutes
Learn about types of problems and common approaches to solving them.

Decision making

VIDEO 6:34 minutes
Learn about common heuristics, biases, and other factors that affect our decisions.

Semantic networks and spreading activation

VIDEO 3:39 minutes
​Learn about how knowledge is organized in the mind.


VIDEO 7:58 minutes
Learn about different definitions of intelligence and the nature/nurture debate in the context of intelligence.

Aging and cognitive abilities

VIDEO 3:10 minutes
​Learn about how cognitive abilities change as we age.