Biological basis of behavior: Endocrine system

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Consider any behavior, sleeping for instance, and think about all of the organs that have to work together to have it go smoothly. The heart and lungs need to slow down, the brain needs to stop taking in the cues from the environment, and the bladder needs to wait until morning to empty. This coordinated effort is achieved by a number of unique hormones acting on different tissues. Learn more about how this process works and why it’s so critical to our everyday lives!

From terpenes to steroids part 1: Terpenes

VIDEO 7:49 minutes
Steroids have to come from somewhere, right? Let's learn about the carbon building blocks with which steroids are made. By Ryan Patton.

From terpenes to steroids part 2: Squalene, cholesterol, and steroids

VIDEO 4:29 minutes
After learning about terpenes, lets see how are body uses them to eventually make all the steroid hormones of our body. By Ryan Patton.