Programming basics

9 videos
Collection of programming basics using NXT-G

Move block

VIDEO 2:13 minutes
Ready, set... start your engines!

Loop block

VIDEO 4:48 minutes
Loop block allows us to repeat behaviours

Switch block

VIDEO 4:00 minutes
Control robot behavior based on some condition

Switch block (nested)

VIDEO 3:20 minutes
We can combine switch blocks for more advanced behavior

Switch statements & logic

VIDEO 6:59 minutes
Control switch statments using logic

Math block

VIDEO 2:14 minutes
Math blocks allow you to scale values (and much more!)

Variable block (counter)

VIDEO 8:05 minutes
Store values using the variable block (build a counter)

Data wires

VIDEO 2:34 minutes
data wires allow you to send values directly from input sensors to output devices

Polling sensors

VIDEO 1:17 minutes
Check the real-time values of your sensors