Measuring magnetic fields

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How can we quantify the strength of magnetic fields? How strong is the Earth's field?

Are 2 magnets stronger than 1?

VIDEO 0:37 minutes
Will the power of two magnets stuck together increase the overall force? Why?

Earth's magnetic field (how to measure)

VIDEO 1:17 minutes
How can we describe the strength of the Earth's magnetic field using a magnet and a compass? What does this tell us?

Inverse cube law (deflection method)

VIDEO 1:47 minutes
Attempt to measure the change in force of a magnet over a distance using the deflection of a compass. What is wrong with this approach?

Inverse Cube Relationship

Click and drag the magnet to move it closer or further from the compass. Press spacebar to save a measurement. See how the angle of the compass changes.

Inverse cube law (method of oscillation)

VIDEO 2:08 minutes
Here we compare the speed of compass oscillation vs. distance from a magnet. What kind of relationship do we observe. Is it linear?