Discovery of Magnetism

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The discovery of magnetism. What can we do with this invisible force?

Discovery of magnetism

VIDEO 1:09 minutes
Our ancestors noticed that certain rocks were attracted to each other. They also noticed that this force could be transferred onto certain metallic objects!

Compass: Which way is north?

VIDEO 1:01 minutes
how would you know which way is north if you had no reference? Can the direction of stroke alone tell you this? Are you sure?

Compass build (stroke direction)

VIDEO 1:15 minutes
Does the direction which we stroke the needle determine the final orientation?

Compass challenge


Floating magnet

VIDEO 0:34 minutes
Can you use a magnet as a compass? How can you find North vs. South pole?

Compass build (magnet orientation)

VIDEO 1:07 minutes
Making a Compass: does it matter if we stroke the needle with the North vs. South pole of the magnet? Why?

Neutralize a compass

VIDEO 0:47 minutes
How to neutralize a compass using two needles. How could this help us later? Why does this work?

Compass interactions

VIDEO 0:45 minutes
If we float two identically magnetized needles they will always orient themselves in the same way. Why?