Discovery of magnetic fields

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Let's find out more about this invisible force which guides the compass. How strong is it? What shape is it?

Magnet near compass

VIDEO 1:05 minutes
Exploring the effect of a permanent magnet on compass. What is going on?

Tracing a magnetic field

VIDEO 0:29 minutes
A compass will align with the lines of force around a magnet. How could you do this in 3 dimensions?

Discovery of magnetic fields

VIDEO 1:07 minutes
magnetic materials seem to have two sides (we could call them poles). Depending on orientation they can be attractive or repulsive. What is the shape of the force between fields?

Magnetic permeability

VIDEO 2:03 minutes
What happens to the magnetic field of a magnet in the presence of a another material which is attracted to it. Why does this happen?

Increase strength of magnet

VIDEO 0:55 minutes
How can we increase the strength of a bar magnet using a piece of steel? Why is it stronger?