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Discoveries leading to the Right Hand rule

Discovery of electromagnetism

VIDEO 0:41 minutes
Hans Christian Ørsted made this famous observation in 1819.

Electromagnetic field (above vs. below)

VIDEO 0:27 minutes
Testing the direction of force when the current carrying wire is above vs. below a compass. What does this tell us?

Electromagnetic field (forward vs. reverse)

VIDEO 0:35 minutes
Apply current in both directions and notice the response is different.

Electromagnetic field (loop)

VIDEO 1:12 minutes
Applying current in various directions to a single loop of wire. Primitive electric motor?

Battery meter (galvanometer)

VIDEO 0:50 minutes
Simple device which we can use to measure our homemade batteries. You can test it with any household battery first. What does this deflection represent? What forces are involved?