Humanity on Earth

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Where do we think humans come from? How and why have we developed as a species. This tutorial attempts to give an overview of these truly fundamental questions. From human evolution (which is covered in more depth in the biology playlist) to the development of agriculture, this tutorial will give you an appreciation of where we've been (and maybe where we're going).

Human evolution overview

VIDEO 12:26 minutes
From the extinction of the dinosaurs to humanity

Understanding calendar notation

VIDEO 9:41 minutes
Difference between BC, BCE, AD and CE. A little bit about the birth of Jesus as well.

Correction calendar notation

VIDEO 4:12 minutes
Correcting the time difference calculation by taking into account that there is no year 0

Development of agriculture and writing

VIDEO 13:03 minutes
The Paleolithic and Neolithic eras of the Stone Age.

Firestick farming

VIDEO 6:37 minutes
How the indigenous Australians used fire to change their environment

Collective learning

VIDEO 13:17 minutes
How symbolic language drives collective learning and how this is one of the truly differentiating aspects of human beings relative to the rest of the animal kingdom

Thomas malthus and population growth

VIDEO 8:13 minutes
Thomas Malthus's views on population. Malthusian limits.

Land productivity limiting human population

VIDEO 13:00 minutes
Thinking about how we get Calories from the land limits human population densities

Energy inputs for tilling a hectare of land

VIDEO 13:41 minutes
Thinking about energy consumption for tilling land

Random predictions for 2060

VIDEO 11:07 minutes
Sal's random predictions for the year 2060