States of matter

VIDEO 19:24 minutes
Introduction to the states or phases of matter.

States of matter follow-up

VIDEO 8:45 minutes
More on plasma and hydrogen bonds.

Specific heat and latent heat of fusion and vaporization

VIDEO 14:57 minutes
Defining specific heat, heat of fusion, and heat of vaporization. How to calculate the amount of heat to change the temperature of water and the energy required to change for a phase change.

Specific heat, heat of fusion and vaporization example

VIDEO 14:49 minutes
Specific heat and phase changes: Calculating how much heat is needed to convert 200 g of ice at -10 degrees C to 110 degree steam.

Chilling water problem

VIDEO 11:23 minutes
How much ice at -10 degrees C is necessary to get 500 g of water down to 0 degrees C?

Change of state example

VIDEO 7:38 minutes
Specific heat capacity and enthalpy of vaporization example: calculating how much energy it takes to vaporize 1.00 kg of ethanol starting from 20 degrees C.

Vapor pressure

VIDEO 18:04 minutes
Vapor pressure, volatility, and evaporation.

Phase diagrams

VIDEO 12:36 minutes
Understanding and interpreting phase diagrams