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- [Voiceover] Have you ever wondered what a chemist really does? In this series we asked people with chemistry backgrounds to share their stories. We have people from all different fields and careers. For example, we have an interview of someone who works in forensics, which is closely related to analytical chemistry. We also have people from the field of science illustration and medicine. Since if you've ever thought about being pre-med, or doing anything else related to medicine, you probably know by now that you'll be taking a fair number of chemistry classes. We have someone who works in industry as a researcher developing new products. We also have someone who works as a programmer at Khan Academy actually. We have a bunch of other interviews for careers where it was a little harder to find pictures, but they're all really cool jobs. We have fields that are covered include patent law and science media, which includes things like making and producing and hosting science TV shows. We have an engineer who was not a chemistry major but had to take some chemistry classes, and ended up using chemistry in her job. We have an epidemiologist, which is a really hard word to spell, miologist. It's also a really interesting career, and more. We hope to continue adding to this collection of interviews over time, so please check back. But hopefully you can tell from this list that all of these people who studied chemistry are doing a lot of different things. So there's a lot of ways you can use chemistry as part of your career after school. We hope you find these interviews interesting and helpful in figuring out what you might want to do as a career.