Ideal gas equation

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In this tutorial, Sal shows you how to use the ideal gas equation in calculations.

Ideal gas equation: PV = nRT

VIDEO 9:22 minutes
Intuition behind the ideal gas equation: PV=nRT.

Deflate gate

VIDEO 8:55 minutes

Ideal gas equation example 1

VIDEO 10:08 minutes
Figuring out the number of moles of gas we have using the ideal gas equation: PV=nRT.

Ideal gas equation example 2

VIDEO 13:01 minutes
PV/T is a constant. Figuring out the volume of an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure (STP).

Ideal gas equation example 3

VIDEO 5:46 minutes
Figuring out the mass of Oxygen we have.

Ideal gas equation example 4

VIDEO 5:03 minutes
Figuring out the molar mass of a mystery molecule at STP.

Partial pressure

VIDEO 15:09 minutes
Figuring out the partial pressures of various gases in a container.

Vapor pressure example

VIDEO 16:02 minutes
Vapor pressure example using the Ideal Gas Law