Crash Course Ecology

12 videos
Hank Green teaches you ecology! Learn, study and understand how organisms relate to one another and to their surroundings. Start with the history of life on earth, then cover topics ranging from population ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, to conservation and restoration ecology.

The history of life on earth

VIDEO 13:08 minutes
Hank discusses the history of life on Earth (including major events such as oxygenation of the atmosphere and mass extinctions).

Population ecology: The Texas mosquito mystery

VIDEO 11:24 minutes
Hank discusses population ecology, including the factors that limit population growth, using the example of a mosquito population.

Human population growth

VIDEO 10:25 minutes
Hank explores human population growth, exponential growth of populations, and R- and K-strategists.

Community ecology: Feel the love

VIDEO 11:00 minutes
Hank explores community ecology, the competitive exclusion principle, and how different species can coexist by occupying different niches.

Community ecology II: Predators

VIDEO 9:53 minutes
Hank explores adaptations of predators, the evolutionary arms race between predators and prey, and various types of predation (including herbivory and parasitism).

Ecological succession: Change is good

VIDEO 9:25 minutes
Hank examines how ecological communities change after a disturbance.

Ecosystem ecology: Links in the chain

VIDEO 9:42 minutes
Hank discusses ecosystems, trophic structure, and the flow of energy through food webs.

The hydrologic and carbon cycles: Always recycle!

VIDEO 9:23 minutes
Hank explains how carbon and water are recycled through ecosystems and the biosphere.

Nitrogen and phosphorus cycles: Always recycle!

VIDEO 8:42 minutes
Hank discusses how nitrogen and phosphorous are recycled through ecosystems and the biosphere.

5 human impacts on the environment

VIDEO 10:00 minutes
Hank presents examples of how human activity can affect ecosystems.


VIDEO 8:54 minutes
Hank discusses different forms of pollution and their ecological effects.

Conservation and restoration ecology

VIDEO 9:39 minutes
Hank discusses different types of biodiversity, as well as how biodiversity can be measured, preserved, and restored.