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Representations of motion

AP.PHYS: CHA‑4.A (EU), CHA‑4.A.1 (EK), CHA‑4.A.1.1 (LO), CHA‑4.A.2 (EK), CHA‑4.A.2.1 (LO), CHA‑4.A.2.3 (LO)


The displacement-time graph below represents the motion of a toy car moving along a specially designed track.
A graph of displacement over time is divided into four segments, with points between the segments labeled A through D. From A to B the line curves upward with a positive slope. From B to C the line is straight with a positive slope. From C to D the line is straight and horizontal. From D to E the line curves downward with a negative slope.
During which interval does the car have a negative acceleration?
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