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Flower: Parts of stamen, carpel

Let's learn the parts of stamen and carpel and see how to remember them. Created by Mahesh Shenoy.

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Video transcript

let's talk about the different parts of the carpel and the stamen and we'll see how to remember them as well so in a previous video we spoke about the four major parts of the flower and we saw also saw what they do we also saw unisexual and bisexual flowers if you need more details on that you can go back and check out our video on flowers unisexual and bisexual okay so over here let's only focus on the reproductive parts the carpel and the stamen so let me get rid of these others alright so let's start with this stamen what are the different parts of the statement that we can identify so stamen can have two major parts so the part below over here which is like kind of like a wire we call that the filament this is the filament and that the part on top of that kind of like the head of the stamen we call that the anther anther and guess what anther produces something called the pollen grains you may have heard of this pollen grains these dotted things that I've drawn over here that you may be able to see they are what pollen grains are sometimes these pollen grains some flowers have these pollen grains to be very sticky in such cases when you touch them they will stick to your hand right and it's inside these pollen grains where you'll find the sperm cells so the sperm cells of the flower are found inside the pollen grains all right let's do the female parts now the female reproductive part the carpel or the pistil they can be further divided into three major parts so the topmost part is called the stigma the part below it's a long structure over here it's called the style and this structure over here is what we call the Ori it's inside the ovaries you'll find these structures over here which you can see these seed like structures they're not seeds yet but these sheet-like structures they are called ovules and guess what it's inside at these ovules you will find the egg cells alright so again let me just write that over here the egg cells the egg cells are found inside these views so if you have more than one ovules if a flower has more than one of us as you can see over here each of you will have an Excel and so you can kind of see now how far away the sperm cells are from the egg cells for reproduction to happen they have to fuse and so one of the first steps of reproduction is the transfer of the pollen grains from the anther on to the stigma and from there the spawns will have to find a way to reach the sperm cells sorry the egg cells but of course that's gonna happen in the future videos this transfer is what we call the pollination right and we'll see in the future videos how bees and other insects play an important role in this pollination feature anyways these are the important parts of the stamen and the carpel now comes the big question how do we remember this so to remember this I want you to look at this picture trust me this weird picture will help you okay so this middle part is the female reproductive part let's see how how this helps me to remember what am I've drawn an egg egg reminds me of the ovary that's like the easiest part for me to remember so the egg is the ovary on top of the egg there is a tile this is a tile tile rhymes with style so this is how I remember style again I knew the word style I just had to remember where the style go and the style helps me remember and then on top of that what is the symbol this is a symbol of Sigma Sigma reminds me of stigma okay so if I ever get confused a which is stigma oh this is this this is the stigma its Sigma stigma okay and you can see they're balancing on top of each other and the stigma is about to fall it's going to fall on the car car fall car fell car pal yes that's carp hell for me so the whole thing is carpel okay let's go to the male part what am i drawn why do I have I have drawn bulbs because I know there's a filament and filament reminds me of the filament of the bulb and that's how I remember ha this is the filament and what is it on the top of that filament I see ants but not just any ants I see these beautiful female ants and her and her and her so again I know aunt her but I didn't the moment I hear aunt her if I remember this picture I know how anthers are over here the top part of the male refer clipart and we know what these answers are saying the the female ants are telling all the Midlands stay there men stay there man so stamen and that's pretty much it now we remember both the male reproductive part and the female reproductive part and at first you might be wondering how do I remember this weird picture well the thing is weird things are actually easier to remember because that's how our memory works our memory our brains tend to hold on to weird information so take a look at this picture a little bit and then you'll be able to do this alright so in fact let me prove it to you now I want you to pause the video take a look at this picture and see if you can name all the parts of this flower go ahead give it a try so could you do it if you could awesome if you couldn't know what it is you can go back and rewards the video the last thing I want you to do is to be able to memorize this picture right so what you can do now is take a look at this picture very nicely again pause the video and then close your eyes and see if you can visualize this entire picture remember all the things the egg the the ants the Sigma the car fell apart and everything alright so once you're done with that you'll be able to answer you'll be able to label all the parts