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Content tab for teachers (2018)

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- Hi, I'm Dave from Khan Academy, and I want to show you how you can preview and make assignments from right within the Teacher Dashboard. So let's take a look at how the Content tab works. From your Teacher homepage, click into a class, and you'll see the Content tab. Scroll down, and you'll see all the Khan Academy units for the subject you've assigned to that class. Skim through the units and select any one to view different sections of that unit and then individual resources, like videos, articles, and exercises, quizzes and unit tests. For example, this unit begins with a two-minute video, an article, and then a seven-question problem set. By clicking Preview next to a resource, you can watch the video, read the article, or view the full item bank for an exercise before assigning it to your class. Looking for something in a different subject or a different grade level? You can select additional subjects and then quickly switch from one to another to create the perfect assignments for your students. And then it's decision time. Select a single assignment or multiple. You can now assign several resources at the same time. So select your assignment and then click Assign. Like usual, choose the classes, students, and due date for your assignments. Even though this if for Period 1 right now, I could make these assignment to all of my classes at once, or I could assign them to specific students within my class. Then I either assign them to students immediately, or I save the assignments to post later. Saved assignments will show up under Assignments by clicking the Saved tab. We hope the Content tab will make it easier for you to make the assignments that your students need. Check out the content tab today.