How Khan Academy works in the classroom

Khan Academy is an easy-to-use, engaging-for-students, always-available platform that offers rigorous content and practice for your students, and real-time data-driven insights for you.

So how do we do it?

With more than 100,000 common core-aligned, interactive exercises, and over 13,000 instructional videos covering topics from K-12 math to biology, grammar, computer science, history, and more - all created by and in collaboration with teachers and academic experts - your students can practice what they are learning in your class, find help when they need it, and have fun along the way earning avatars, energy points, and motivational badges.

How might you use Khan Academy?

"I use Khan Academy as a resource to supplement my current curriculum. I recommend topics to my students when they align with the topic I am teaching. I use biweekly Khantests to motivate and incentivize my students to go beyond the minimum and to recognize impressive progress or effort."
-- Julianne Russell, 6th-8th math teacher
"As a tech teacher I use Khan Academy in a variety of ways: 1) As part of a Personalized EdTech Learning platform where students choose from seven different EdTech programs, 2) As grade level math curriculum in rooms where students are struggling in the regular day to day math lessons, 3) As an intervention tool to help fill in gaps in student learning while preparing for the NWEA test, and 4) As a tool to teach coding in grades 3 - 8."
-- Lisa Krueger, K-8th Tech Coordinator/Personalized Learning Tech Teacher
And the best part is, this world-class content, practice and real-time data is FREE for everyone, forever.
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