Start homeschooling with Khan Academy

With math exercises stretching from basic arithmetic through advanced calculus and a focus on personalized learning, Khan Academy is a valuable resource for homeschooling families. If you’re a parent who’d like to use Khan Academy in homeschool, we recommend following these steps.

Create an account for yourself

You can find instructions here.

Connect with your child

Connect with your child by creating their account or connecting with their existing account.
  • If your child already has a Khan Academy account, they can simply add you as a coach.
  • If your child is 13 or older, they can go to to create their own account and then add you as a coach.
  • If your child is under 13, you can create an account for them by following these instructions.

Try out what your child will be learning

For most students, the best option is to choose a mission. Many homeschoolers find our subject-based missions (Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra I, etc.) particularly helpful. If your child has significant gaps in their math knowledge, you may want them to work on Early Math, Arithmetic, or Pre-algebra. Starting with the basics not only helps learners build firm foundations but also boosts their confidence.
If you don’t see a mission that meets your needs, or if you’d prefer to focus on a smaller set of material, you can write out a “playlist” of exercises for your student to complete. Check out the article on finding relevant content for guidance.

Check out our tips for using Khan Academy with your child

In our coach and classroom resources for parents and mentors, we've compiled stories and best practices from a wide variety of Khan Academy users. We hope these articles and videos give you ideas that you can adapt to your own homeschooling! Encouraging your child is a great place to start.

Learn something for yourself

One of the best ways to support your child's learning on Khan Academy is to set an example. Perhaps you want to brush up on your own math skills, or maybe you want to compete with your child to see who can earn the most points or master the most skills. Pick a topic that interests you, and show your child that learning is a lifelong process!

Have your child log in

It's important for your child to log in to their account - not yours - every time they work on Khan Academy. That way, your child can earn points and badges! More importantly, you and your child will both be able to track their progress.
Once you've logged out and helped your child log in, let them start their mission. We suggest framing Khan Academy as a fun activity or reward instead of studying or a chore!

Continue exploring!

Check out our homeschool stories. You may also want to try out our computer programming curriculum or explore our resources for K-12 classrooms to see whether you can adapt any of them to your needs. In particular, if you're interested in seeing more detailed information about your child's performance, explore our coach reports.  Most importantly, feel free to experiment! Every family is different and will use Khan Academy in different ways.
If you’re part of a homeschooling network, explain how you use Khan Academy and ask others about their experiences with it. Homeschoolers across the country and around the world use our site, so you may be surprised at how much you can learn simply by starting a conversation!

My son and I have personally learned with Khan Academy's math curriculum this year, and we can honestly say he has learned far more with this curriculum than with any of the other typical homeschooling math curriculums. It's wonderful because the lessons can be completed independently by the student, or homeschooling parents can watch the videos with their child and pause them to discuss/clarify concepts when needed. When doing Khan Academy lessons, I feel that my son, Khan Academy, and I are a dynamic learning team!
  • Homeschool mother Karla Roeglin