How to use the Progress tab

Learn how to use the Progress tab to see where your class and individual students are struggling.
Note: The Progress tab will ONLY show up if you have assigned a math subject to your class.
Login to your Coach dashboard on Khan Academy and select one of your math classes. Next, choose the Progress tab.

Progress by Skill

The first report shows progress by Skill. This report is particularly helpful for checking students’ status on individual skills. This can come in handy when identifying which students need additional support, such as peer tutoring, small groups, or 1-1 time with the teacher.
Key features of this report:
  1. This lets you filter by class (i.e. 5th period), mission (i.e. 7th grade), and skill (i.e.Interpreting negative numbers).
  2. The chart organizes your students by which mastery level they are in for that skill. This can help you determine which students may need extra tutoring on a particular skill, and it can also provide ideas about how to set up peer tutor pairings or small group instruction groups.
  3. This link allows you to see an example exercise for the skill selected.
  4. If you would like to assign this skill to your students, click this link. Learn more about assignments by reading our assignments resource pages.
  5. Use these two buttons to download the skill progress report as an Excel file or bookmark the filters you selected.

Progress by Student

This report allows you to get a quick summary of your class’s performance and delve into the progress of each individual student.
Key features of this report:
  1. The dropdown menu in the top left of the report lets you filter by mission—i.e., seventh grade.
  2. The histogram at the top of the report shows the percentage of the mission completed by students in your class.
  3. Icons at the top of the student list allow you to sort students by amount of skills they're struggling with, amount of skills they have mastered, estimated amount of time spent on Khan Academy, or number of energy points within the time period specified.
  4. The Skill tab shows you the amount of skills your student has practiced, mastered, and everything in between. It also lists which skills your student has been working on within the time period filtered.
  5. You can download the progress report to an excel sheet using this link.
If you want to dive deeper, individual student reports can show you the activity of a particular student. Click a student’s name in the list to see more details about their learning progress.