Using Khan Academy for homework

How to use Khan Academy's videos, articles, and problem sets for homework assignments.


In this model, teachers use Khan Academy as a frequent source for homework assignments.
Grading homework assignments is faster and more convenient than traditional paper homework assignments. Students can complete Khan Academy homework assignments on computers or on mobile devices by downloading the most recent version of the Khan Academy app.
Variation 1: Exercises. Teachers assign Khan Academy exercises as homework. Students get instant feedback and additional explanations as needed while completing exercises.
Variation 2: Videos, articles and exercises. Teachers assign Khan Academy videos and articles primarily for before class. When students enter class, they are ready to discuss and practice the concepts covered in those resources. Teachers use this model to free up more class time for application and practice of topics.

When is Khan Academy used?

Primarily outside of class, 2-3 times per week

What content is typically assigned:

  • Remediation content
  • On-grade level content

What is the cadence for assignments?

Daily option: Assignments typically take about 30 minutes to complete. Assignments are intended for completion outside of class time.
Weekly option: Teachers may choose to assign Khan Academy resources once per week for students to complete throughout the week. Assignments are typically longer than the daily option and may take 60-90 minutes to complete.

How does a teacher choose the topics to assign?

Teachers either identify the aligned content for their current lesson, or create a custom assignment based on their student’s specific needs.

What does a teacher do with assignment reports?

  • Before class begins on the day a homework assignment is due, the teacher browses completion of video and article assignments.
  • Teacher may project the assignment reports for in-class review of the previous night’s homework.
Teacher also scans assignment report, looking for two things:
  1. Is there a group of students who did not meet the performance expectation of 70% correct who may need support during class?
  2. Are there problems in the exercise item bank with a low success rate that would be worthwhile to discuss during class?