Khan Academy site navigation 101

Learn the basics of how to access your Coach dashboard, preview the student version of the site, and browse our content. 

The teacher version of Khan Academy

Homepage: Coach dashboard

The Coach dashboard is the teacher homepage on Khan Academy. There are 2 ways to get back to your homepage: (1) click the Khan Academy logo in the top-center of the page or (2) click your username in the top right-hand corner of the site and choose Coach dashboard from the drop-down menu.
[Note: Your account may say Add students instead of Coach dashboard if you have not added any students in the past.]
But what if clicking the Khan Academy logo doesn't take you to the Coach dashboard?
That means you need to change your settings. Click on Settings in the top-right dropdown menu
Now, scroll down to Roles and choose Coach dashboard for your homepage. Click the Save changes button.

The student version of Khan Academy

Curious about what students see when they come to Khan Academy? Click Learning home from the top-right username dropdown menu.
Students will see their upcoming assignments at the top of their page when they login to Khan Academy.
Students can also click their Assignments tab to see a full list of current and past assignments. They can use the Coaches tab to add a coach or parent to their account.

Exploring our content

You can search the Khan site for resources or help—just type a keyword into the search box at the top of the screen.
You can always narrow the results by type. Click on a resource type at the top of the results list to see only those choices that match your selection.