Khan Academy and Google Classroom

Learn how to import your Google Classroom rosters and sync them throughout the school year.

Import a class from Google Classroom

Already have a classroom set up in Google Classroom? Perfect! Save time by importing your Google Classroom roster directly to Khan Academy!
  1. During the add students portion of creating a new Khan Academy class, you’ll have the opportunity to choose Import Class from Google Classroom.
  2. Once you’ve selected this option, click Next.
  3. Choose your account. Once you’ve chosen your account, you’ll be given several prompts from Google to allow Khan Academy to link your class. Specifically, you’ll be asked to give Khan Academy permission to see information about the classes you teach on Google Classroom. Your privacy is important to us. Want to know more about how we handle your Google Classroom information? Check out our Terms of Service at and our Privacy Policy at
  4. Once you’ve given Khan Academy access to your Google Classroom, choose the class that you want to import to Khan Academy.
  5. All of the students imported from your Google Classroom will then receive email invitations to join Khan Academy and become students in your Khan Academy class. If a student already has a Khan Academy account registered to the email address used in the Google Classroom, they will be invited to join your class with their existing account.
  6. After, follow the prompts to finish setting up your class.

Syncing your Khan Academy and Google Classroom rosters

Note: Syncing a Khan Academy classroom with a Google Classroom will never delete students from your Khan Academy class. It will only add students who are not already in your Khan Academy class. Additionally, syncing will never change your Google Classroom roster.
  1. If you have added students in your Google Classroom and want to add them to your Khan Academy class as well, head to your homepage and select the class you need to update.
  2. Click on Roster.
  3. Now select Add students. A new page will open.
  4. Choose the Import from Google Classroom option and then click Connect a Google Classroom account.
  5. A drop down menu will appear. Choose the class you wish to sync and then click the Sync with Google button at the bottom of the page.
  6. You can also sync your class from the Settings tab on your Class page, accessible via your Coach Dashboard.