How to use the Activity tab

A brief explanation of how to use the Activity tab in your classroom. 
The Activity tab on your Coach dashboard shows how much time your students spent on Khan Academy videos, articles, and exercises during and outside of school over a specific timeframe.
School hours are set as 8:00 am to 3:00 pm for your time zone.
Hover over each bar segment to see more details about each individual student's activity.
One way to use this report is to project it in front of your class at the start of their in-class Khan Academy practice time and set the time filter to Today. Unless students have been using Khan Academy earlier in the day outside your class, all students will begin with zero minutes. As students work on Khan Academy during class, their bar will rise up in real time, providing the class with a visual reminder of the hard work each student is doing!
Note: In an effort to avoid students earning credit while they are surfing the web in another window, the tracker will timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity. This is an effort to exclude the time a student may be surfing the web in another window or changing their profile settings but not to penalize the students who may take longer to work out a problem.
For this reason, we encourage you to use these calculations as a benchmark, but be generous if students say they have been on the site for longer. If you think this time is being calculated incorrectly, please let us know in our support community.