Creating assignments for your students

An explanation of how to create, edit, and customize assignments for your classes on Khan Academy.

Creating assignments

To create an assignment, browse our content until you find material appropriate for your students. Once you click into a resource, you’ll notice an assignment toolbar near the top of the screen.
Using that toolbar, you can select the class, students, and due date you want and then either assign the material immediately or save it as an assignment to post for students later. You cannot assign something until students join your class, but you can save an assignment at any point.

Assign to multiple classes at the same time

To create an assignment for multiple classes at the same time, select all the applicable classes from the dropdown menu.
If you assign something to a single class, you can select specific students. Here’s a video showing the process for creating an assignment once you have found a resource appropriate for your students:

Sequencing assignments

Students will see the assignments listed in order by due date. Assignments due next will show up at the top of their list. If you would like to sequence the assignments in a specific order, consider assigning them with slightly different due dates.
For example, you may want to assign a video and/or article with a slightly earlier due date than a corresponding exercise to encourage students to learn the concept before practicing the skill.

Editing, copying, and deleting assignments

After you create an assignment, you can edit, copy, or delete the assignment. Go to your Coach dashboard. Click into one of your classes and click the Actions button on the right-hand side of any assignment.
Edit: Editing an assignment allows you to adjust the due date and the specific group of students within a class who received the assignment.
Copy: Copying an assignment allows you to create an identical assignment for a different class.
Delete: Deleting an assignment will remove it from both your assignment page and your students’ accounts.

Viewing past and draft assignments

Once the due date has passed for an assignment, it will show up on the Past assignments tab. Your students’ performance data will be saved for you to look back on later.
If you save an assignment, it will show up on the Saved tab. You can post your saved assignments to your students at any time.

Student view

Students in your classes will see the assignments you make for them on their homepage when they log in to Khan Academy.
Below is a preview of a student home screen. You’ll notice that the student has one late assignment.

Mobile assignments

Students can also complete assignments on their phone! Assignments will show up on the homepage of the Khan Academy app.
Note: Make sure your students have downloaded the most recent version of the Khan Academy app to ensure that assignments show up properly.