Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about assignments.

How do I create an assignment?

Click into a specific video, article, or exercise. Then, use the toolbar at the top of the screen to select the class(es), students, and due date for an assignment.

Why isn’t the assign button working for me?

You can only assign content to classes after students join your class. We suggest waiting until all (or almost) all students have joined your class before making your first assignment. Otherwise, you will have to edit each assignment to add new students as they join (see question on that topic below).
If no students have joined your class yet, you can save the assignment for later. It will then show up on the Saved tab of your assignment dashboard.

How do I change the due date?

Go to your Coach Dashboard and click into a class. Find the assignment and select Edit from the actions dropdown on the far right of the screen. Change the due date and press save.

The due date already passed. Can I now extend the due date?

Yes. Go to the Past tab of your assignment dashboard, select Edit from the dropdown menu, and choose a new due date.

A new student just joined my class. How can I make sure they receive the assignments?

Go to your Coach Dashboard and click into a class. Find the assignment and select Edit from the Actions dropdown on the far right of the screen. Select the new students who have joined your class, or select “all students” for a whole-class assignment, and then press save.

How do students view their assignments?

Students should see their upcoming assignments near the top of their screen when they login to Khan Academy. Students will also receive a notification in the top-right corner of their screen, near their name. And students may receive an email notifying them of the assignment (depending on their email filter setting).

How do students complete assignments?

  • To finish a Video assignment, students must watch the entire video from start to finish.
Note: Skipping through a video or fast-forwarding through a video will not count as a complete assignment. Pausing should not disrupt the completion, but if a student skips around during the video, it may not mark accurately as complete.
  • To finish an exercise assignment, students must complete the entire set of problems.
Note: As the teacher, you will see their number of attempts and top score on the assignments. It is up to you to decide if you would like to add an expectation for students to score at a certain level to receive credit on the assignment.

When a student finishes an assignment, how do they move on to the next assignment?

After finishing an assignment, students should click the Khan Academy logo in the top-center of the website to go back to their home page and view their next assignment.

Can students complete assignments on their phones?

Yes. Make sure students update to the most recent version of the app. Assignments are available on both the iOS and Android apps.

Can I assign content from more than one subject to my class?

Sure! You can assign from any subject to your class, not just the subject you selected for the class originally. Use either the search bar or the subject menu in the top-left corner of the site to explore other subjects and/or grade levels. Click into an individual resource to assign it to your class.

Can I re-assign something to my students later in the year? How will that work?

Yes! You can re-assign a skill later in the year. The new assignment report will only show student results since the date the resource was most recently assigned.

Do assignments ever disappear?

For teachers, assignments should remain under the Past tab of your Assignments dashboard forever. You can delete any assignment at any time.
For students, assignments will be removed 30 days after the due date passes. This is designed to prevent students from having an overwhelming, out-of-date list of assignments showing up for them on their homepage.