Encourage students to monitor their own progress

One way to help empower and drive students as they’re learning is to encourage them to monitor their own progress. This allows learners to track their own improvement, figure out what they need extra help on, and set their own goals.
If your students are on missions, the main metric to monitor is mission completion, which they can find on the left-hand side of their dashboard. This is great for goal-setting and motivating for students when they meet their target percentage.
To view their individual progress reports, learners can click their username and then click Profile in the drop-down menu. They can also click the “Profile” tab near the top of the screen.
This profile shows key statistics about the learner, including the number of badges, energy points they’ve earned, and their recent activity.
For detailed information about their progress, students can click the “Progress” tab.
Download this guide for more information on both student and coach reports.