For students who are not using missions, it can be helpful to give them a study guide, or a list of skills and/or videos to help them focus on the most relevant material.


Below are a few sample study guides. You can find more examples here.

Tips to create study guides

Below are a few steps that some teachers have taken when creating study guides for their students.
1) Identify the standards or concepts you want to teach.
2) Find corresponding content on Khan Academy.
Tip: If you’d like to find Khan Academy skills that cover specific standards, you may find our Common Core map helpful. You may also find it helpful to copy and paste skill names and links from this spreadsheet. It contains the same information as the Common Core map and is updated quarterly. Here’s a preview:
Common Core spreadsheet
3) Write down the names of these skills or videos in a document.
Tip: If you plan to share an electronic copy of the list with your students, you may want to include a link to each skill along with the name. That way, students can simply click the link to access the skill.
4) Decide how you’ll guide your students through the study guide.
Here are two options:
Option 1: Share these skills with your students by making coach recommendations.
Option 2: Share paper or electronic copies of the playlist with your students. Ask students to search for these skills at the top to add them to their mission dashboards.
5) Ask students to work through the skills in order. Otherwise, students may jump to another skill if the one they are practicing becomes challenging, resulting in lots of jumping and little learning.
6) Monitor student progress on these skills.
One option is to use the Skill Progress Report, which contains a filter called Find topics or skills. You can add the skills on your list to this filter one by one to limit the focus of the report.
Tip: You can bookmark this report using the button (left) to refer to it easily next time.