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I am most excited about the dash board and instantly back that I get that my students get to show where they are not understanding certain things both for themselves and for me so that I can help them and they can recognize their areas that they need to improve and I think Khan has done a great job in making it a very user friendly dash board. Using the data, I can break students into groups. I can target students who are specifically struggling in certain areas. I can also see students as a whole for instance the class can pick a module like these come in multiple and they can master it before I introduced it in the class and I know, "Hey, this isn't something to spend as much as time on" as its feature its freed op learning time for me to use time more efficiently. It's so right there in the media. Its a quick picture of where students are at where they are having issues where the struggles are. I know who I need to visit with and where I can help them and where I can come along side and media and support. I have got emails from parents that said, "You are having trouble on the homework" and I can go back and find the exact problems they are having issues with and plan my last thing next morning with that child. So, my teaching is more informed and more targeted It just sets your bar higher and what you should be planning for your students when you get all that data that's really easy to access, it pushes you to say maybe this lesson that I taught was good for my whole class, is only good for 20% of my class. I should go back and think about what I am really asking students to do. Last year, incoming pressure, average score on a algebra pre-assessment 17%, exactly the same. Last year's class did not use Khan, this year's class used Khan. Same lecture, same teacher. As brilliant as we are we haven't really changed. Khan is a changing factor and our scores were much higher. The average last year was 37%. The average this year is 72%. I was excited for my kids because I saw that again as being a tool for them that ultimately would help them become responsible for their own learning.