What do we offer in K-12 math?

Every learner is different.  Here's how we can help your students.


Every learner is different and has different learning needs - that’s where Khan Academy comes in. We are a nonprofit on a mission to provide a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. To accomplish this, we've created a learning experience where students can use practice exercises and learn from instructional videos across a wide range of subjects.  In particular, students can practice all of K-12 math with our Common Core standards-aligned materials.
Access to our site is completely free, with no contract, spam, or ads.
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Students can access math content either through our library or our personalized learning experiences, missions.

Our library contains thousands of videos and exercises, covering all of K-12 math.

When students need help with a specific skill, they can search for it on our site to find relevant video explanations or exercises.  Think of it as a free tutor available to students 24/7!  
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Our missions are a personalized math experiences through specific subjects or grade-levels.

Missions are adaptive to students' needs by recommending new skills on their dashboards based on their math history on Khan Academy.
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Students can use missions to:
  • learn at their own pace,
  • master skills that are challenging and appropriate for their level or reinforce prior skills,
  • use hints and videos immediately when they need help, and
  • earn points, badges, and unlock fun avatars as an added motivation

We believe that coaches are critical to student success.

A coach can be a teacher, a parent, a mentor, or even a peer.  No matter who they are, coaches are there to support their students, celebrate their victories, and help them find lessons in defeat.
Our goal is to empower students to take ownership of their own learning and to empower coaches to spend more time doing what they do best: personally interacting with every student, providing guidance and encouragement, and engaging students in collaborative activities.
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Both students and coaches have access to dashboards, where they can view learning progress on Khan Academy. Students can track their own progress, and coaches can see how their students are doing.
Every Khan Academy account is both a “learner” account and a "coach" account, so all the features available to learners are also available to you as a coach.  The best way to familiarize yourself with our learner features is to experience them for yourself, so feel free to open the "Subjects" menu and start exploring!

If you have questions or need help, visit our Help Center. You can find a link to this resource at the bottom of every page on Khan Academy, under "SUPPORT."