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Welcome to the Khan Academy we are honored that you have joined us and what I hope to do is just give you a walk through to think about how you might want to use the site. So, first of all you might know exactly what you want to learn about, you might say wait I kind of wonder what a derivative is. So you can do a search right over there and there all sorts of exercises and videos that deal with derivatives. For example, you could go to the derivative intuition exercise and you would see this thing right over here which makes you think about well what's the slope of the tangent line at any of these points? And when you do it, you're essentially plotting, plotting, the derivative. Or you might say, well no, I actually want, I actually want an explanation of what a derivative is. Maybe you've already done the derivative module. So, you might want to look at a calculus proof or look at some type of what a partial derivative might be. And you click there and you would actually go to the video. So, that's if you kind of know