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Actions and Interruptions at Tate Modern

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this event is an experiment into what happens when a group of performance artists go undercover at tate modern many visitors won't even realize these performances are going on around them and that's part of the point the artists take everyday activities like riding on an escalator or standing in a queue and subtly intervene to subvert them so we're left wondering what's real and what's not the first piece is by Dora Garcia it's called the crowd and consists of a group of actors posing as visitors going through the galleries with the tour guide who's also playing a part genuine a visitors can join it to her and there are few clues that this is anything out of the ordinary but at what stage do they register if this isn't the usual tour guide spiel the child Alfred Hitchcock was put in prison cell as a punishment the punishment and put there by his own father and the authorities who are accomplices in his unfair reprimand to a child so I presented two performances today the Krause and profits so the profits are too young and attractive men that are distributing photocopies to among the public and on these photocopies is predicted what is going to happen in future in our near future and in the next performance or in the next 24 hours is always near future predictions I always give very I think precise but brief instructions and actually I have no idea how the work is going to develop so I am there as public I watching my own work and see what happens sometimes it is more interesting and honest but I think this is really usually a sort of negotiation with reality how it's going to turn up the next piece is by Mario Garcia Torres and has a restaging of a work by Vito a Conchie called following piece and that pretty much describes what this artist does he picks people out and follows them wherever they go in the building there's a there's a lot of reasons to do it for me the experience of doing it will somehow become some sort of research on you know social relationships and to see how people behave in the gallery in the museum's will try to understand those behaviors the performance being staged by Roman on deck is called Q it looks like an ordinary queue of people except that they're lining up at rather odd places in front of a wall or at a fire exit the queue moves around the building to different locations throughout the day sometimes other people try and join in without knowing what it's for if they ask what they're waiting for the performers are instructed to give the same response we're just queueing Eureka vanda is presenting two works that test social boundaries one work involves him going up an escalated backwards and trying to look people in the eye who are below him the other piece was inspired by the many glass walls we have here at tate modern and the way they both separate and open things up I'm inviting people to kiss me through glass wall it is about connection very close but but very distant to round off the day Nina young bear and marry young lund are inviting everybody in the building to clap in time with each other they no one's told what they're applauding that doesn't seem to matter we started it but at only point kind of the Sun saliste and it wasn't the water rose yeah I wasn't in our control anymore but we were surprised to see how easy leads but how easy the instruction the tapping itself as an actual construction that people actually just spontaneously joined sounds a bit like making a new strategy today kind of gory around getting our troops placed in my persistence